NIH Scientists’ Study Reveals Saliva as a Potential Transmission Route for Norovirus and Other “Stomach Viruses”

Scientists from the National Institutes of Health have discovered that certain viruses can grow inside mice’s glands. One of these viruses is known to cause severe diarrheal diseases and spread through their saliva. Scientists from the National Institutes of Health discovered a new method of transmitting these viruses, which affect billions of people around the world […]

Study Finds No Elevated COVID-19 Risk for Dental Practitioners During Clinical Activities

Many dental clinics were forced to temporarily close or limit their capacity during the COVID-19 epidemic due to an increase in risk associated with aerosol treatments. Dentistry was deemed a high-risk profession for SARS-CoV-2 transmission because dental procedures required clinicians to work in close proximity with their patients’ mouths and nostrils. The new paper, published […]

Yale study finds that blood draws during sleep hours are frequently conducted for inpatients

The study shows that more patient-centered hospital care is needed. A new study found that non-urgent blood draw may often interrupt the sleep of hospitalized patient. A team of researchers analyzed more than 5,000,000 non-urgent draws of blood collected by Yale New Haven Hospital from 2016 to 2019. They found that a large proportion occurred […]

Alterations in Corneal Self-Healing Process Observed in Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease patients are more susceptible to corneal injuries than people with healthy eyes. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis studied mice and found that stem cells can produce proteins that help regenerate corneas. These proteins may provide new treatment options for such injuries. The study was published online in the Proceedings of […]