Pie Medical Imaging introduces the worldwide launch of its latest echocardiography software technology, CAAS Qardia 2.0

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Pie Medical Imaging, a leader and innovator in cardiac imaging software, has released Qardia v2.0. CAAS Qardia is a clinical measurement tool that uses artificial intelligence.

CAAS Qardia Platform is a “zero footprint” solution that can be deployed in hospitals. The web browser can access any PC in the network.

The new version allows you to perform an analysis that is flexible and complete of the off-cart Echocardiography. CAAS Qardia can view and analyze, among other things, the myocardial strain analysis of both left and right ventricles. Valve analysis, Diastology (PISA), Stress-echo.

A report with all the clinically relevant parameters is automatically created and shared between colleagues.

Shortening the heart view can have a negative impact on functional measurements including myocardial strain. CAAS Qardia was designed to counter this phenomenon that is often overlooked by giving users quality control indexes. This feature can provide users with feedback about the accuracy of data.

CAAS Qardia has a vendor-neutral design, which means that healthcare institutions can use the software for their multi-vendor images.

Rene Guillaume stated, “With CAAS Qardia 2 Pie Medical Imaging shows its commitment to simplify the daily practice of cardiologists by providing accurate and easy analysis tools.”

CAAS Qardia is available as a server-based or standalone solution. CAAS Qardia is FDA-cleared and CE-marked.

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