Loona: Healthcare experts launch Boom Home Medical to transform the home medical equipment industry

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Byrdie Lifson Pompan, founder of Clear Health Advisors and Dr. Valerie Ulene launched Boom Home Medical, a company that aims to revolutionize home medical products by offering beautifully designed products, which are highly functional and easy to use, and empowers people to take care of themselves in dignity.

Home healthcare products today are outdated, unattractive, and uncomfortable. Boom Home Medical has reimagined its home medical products to be a perfect fit for consumers and their homes. The company will launch with toileting products, then roll out innovative bathing and dressing products, as well as mobility products, throughout 2023.

Byrdie Lifson Pompan is the Co-Founder. “We give our customers an opportunity to take care of their basic needs in dignity,” she said. By 2025, 75 million baby-boomers will be over 65 years old. For the first time in US history, more people will be over 65 than those under 13. Baby boomers are now able to experience innovation in the home healthcare sector. “Nobody wants to use the same durable medical equipment as their grandparents.”

Loona is Boom Home Medical’s first release in the category of toileting. It’s a bedside urinal for women. About 50 million Americans experience nocturia, which is a medical condition that causes them to wake up multiple times during the night. Loona is a great solution for those who suffer from nocturia, as it minimizes the impact of this condition on sleep while eliminating the risk of walking in the dark to the bathroom. Loona is also a good option for women who are expecting to deal with frequent urination. It can help them as well. Loona is also an excellent companion for camping and travel.

Loona was designed in collaboration with HERBST Product, an award-winning industrial designer who has worked on innovative brands like Brita and Molekule. This is the first bedside toilet that looks like it belongs at your bedside. Loona means more than relief. It’s about pride in having our product displayed where everyone can see it. “It’s the elegant solution for relief anywhere and anytime,” said Dr. Valerie Ulene.

Loona comes in three colours: blue, moon grey, and coral dream. For more information and FAQs on Loona visit www.boomhomemedical.com.

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